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Mobile Small Animal Veterinarian 
Serving South Bend & Mishawaka, Indiana
Welcome to Gruber Veterinary Services
​Gruber Veterinary Services provides  small animal mobile veterinary care to South Bend, Mishawaka and the surrounding area.  By coming to your home, this allows veterinary care to be provided to cats and dogs in a less stressful situation.  This service is excellent for the busy family, multiple pet households, elderly, and anyone that finds it easier to have the vet come to them.   Routine care as well as treatment of sick patients is available.

Having the option for the veterinarian to come to your home is also an excellent service for when it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet.   This allows their final moments to be spent in the home that they have treasured over their life time.  It takes away the stress of the car ride and the change of environments.

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Why using a mobile veterinarian is great
   -Enables pets to be examined in their home environment
   -Allows for a less stressful veterinary visit since the pet does not have to travel
   -Decreases the number of visits to a clinic for a multiple pet household
   -Lets homebound people or people with limited transportation the ability to offer great medical care for their pets
   -Helps  people with a busy lifestyle fit veterinary care into their schedule
   -Increases the pets receiving medical care due to ease of which it is provided
   -Aids in making the euthanasia process more comfortable for both the pet and owners
What can a mobile veterinarian do

   -Perform comprehensive physical exams
   -Administer vaccinations
   -Draw blood samples for routine testing or to evaluate a sick animal
   -Prescribe heartworm and flea and tick medications
   -Diagnose and treat sick animals
   -Assess the home environment and help determine an animals risk of diseases
   -Provide great quality medicine without the stress of having the animal travel
   -Allow for a pet's last moments of their life to be spent in the comfort of their 
            own home surround by the people that they love

Thor on one of his first days of "work"
Fitzy making himself at home on his first day in his new home.  It's a good thing Thor did not mistake him for a toy!
Who benefits from a mobile veterinarian
   -Your dog and cat
          -Experience less stress because they do not have to travel
          -Receive routine and preventative care so they are less likely to get sick          
          -Able to be evaluated in a more comfortable environment

         -Less stress about taking your pet to a clinic
         -Reassurance that your pet is getting excellent medical care
         -Ease of fitting your pet's medical care into your schedule
         -Allows you to get your pet medical care if you are unable to leave your home

    -The veterinarian
         -Can evaluate your pet in a less stressful environment
         -Is able to better assess medical risks due to being able to see the pet's life style
         -May be able to detect problems that would not be noticed in a clinic setting 
                   due to the animal being more relaxed and more active at home
How does mobile veterinary care work

  -Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm
   -The doctor arrives at your house
   -Your pets are examined in the comfort of their own home
   -Vaccines are given, blood is draw, and stool or urine samples collected
   -Ear and skin infections can be evaluated by using a microscope that is brought into your house
   -Heartworm medication and flea and tick medications are available right away
   -Medications to treat allergies, infections, and other ailments are also carried with the veterinarian
   -If your pet needs surgery, this is performed by Dr. Kim Gruber at a local veterinary clinic where she rents out a surgery 
   -If your pet needs x-rays or to be hospitalized, they are referred to a local veterinary clinic.
   -If your pet has an emergency that is after hours, a weekend, or holiday, the Animal Emergency Clinic is available to 
            provide excellent care.  They can be reached at 574-259-8387

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